Your technical solution for trust and safety

in the vacation rental home industry.

Our Story

We started our company because we saw a trust-shaped gap in the

sharing economy and believed we could fill it.

Too many people we knew and met along the way had vacation homes they enjoyed a few weeks of the year and then left empty the other 48. This just didn’t make sense to us. Why would such sophisticated people leave so much potential revenue on the table?


When we dug into the problem, interviewing thousands of people in the process, we learned that they were nervous about opening their homes to strangers … and rightfully so. Our challenge was to figure out what to do to make them more comfortable.

We leveraged hard data science, we worked with experienced background specialists and built relationships with top insurance underwriters to develop our answer.


The result is Safely, a change-making, technical solution for the entire industry.

Work with Us

We’re always looking for problem solving doers. We particularly like people who reach beyond their comfort zones. We believe in going the extra mile to help our co-workers, clients and partners.

It’s a fun industry that we’ve chosen to be a part of — especially now as it’s changing and evolving so rapidly. Come join us.

Leadership Team 

Andrew Bate

Lui King

Kerry Marisa



Amber Harris

Customer Success

Sharon Wang
Partnership Success

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