Safely Guest Verifications means the best guests and the best homes. 

Step 1: We verify guest identity

First, we make sure your guests are who they say they are. We crosscheck names, addresses and birthdates across a selection of established civic and government records to verify identity. And then, depending on region, we may also visually certify government-issued ids.

Step 2: We check our Vacation Record

We check guests against our Vacation Record, a worldwide database of rental guest history (collected from over 1 million vacation nights) that captures house rule violations, disputed payments, property damage and more. 

Step 3: We check everywhere else

We kid. Kind of. The truth is we take your safety seriously, so we comb through 200+ global fraud and crime databases to check: 

Identity Fraud
Money Launderers

Arson Felons

Sex Offenders
Interpol's Wanted Persons

Suspicious IP Addresses

Please be aware, this is a non-invasive check that does not require a social security number and won't touch or impact credit reports. 

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