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Andrew is on the road a lot. A lot a lot. Here, he shares his list of must-have travel items.

1 + 2 : A universal power adapter by Swiss company, Skross, and passport with extra pages and an unmarked electronic-shielded passport cover by Mori Luggage ensures Bate is ready to travel beyond U.S. borders on short notice.

3 + 4 : The electric toothbrush with USB adapter by Phillips and hair pomade is Bate’s secret to a quick transition from weary traveler to meeting-ready CEO after a quick SkyClub visit.

5 + 6 : Bose noise cancelling headphones and a Kindle help make bi-coastal and interna...

You scoured vacation rental sites and reviews for weeks to find the right place for your upcoming getaway. The home listing said it’s “steps from the beach” and the rooms looked spacious and clean. You’ve paid in full and are ready to start relaxing only to arrive at the property to find a completely different image than the photos you’ve been gazing at for weeks. It’s not steps from the beach; it’s more like miles. And two of the rooms are more like closets. Now what?


In 2013, Phocuswright reported that Americans spent $23 billion on vacation rentals in 2012. Though the boom in the vaca...

The vacation home rental market is booming, and with it, the liability to homeowners renting their properties to short term renters. People are learning the hard way that primary home insurance and services like AirBNB’s Host Guarantee aren’t sufficient to cover them when things go wrong.

Safely’s custom insurance product, designed specifically for this segment of the market is the kind of insurance you need when you rent your home as a vacation rental.

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about why having the proper insurance is so critical.

It's vacation rental horror story season.

It's the time of year when everyone loves to complain about that overpriced home that ended up being a dump, or the greedy landlord who pocketed their deposit — or worse, a completely fraudulent listing, where they wired money to a fake "owner."

This January is no different.

I've heard from people like Paulina Witkowski, a physical therapist assistant from Redmond, Wash., who paid $5,100 to rent a home in Costa Rica through, a rental website. It fell dramatically short of its billing, featuring a broken air conditioner, a busted dryer an...

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