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Many people want to escape the unruly demands of everyday life, without having to compromise the things they value most when vacationing. We came up with 5 compelling reasons why renting a vacation home over booking a hotel room might be the way to go when planning your next family vacation.

1. Space

Let’s be honest. There’s nothing exciting about being stuck in a 325 square foot hotel room with three screaming kids. A rental home offers enough space for everyone to be together and feel comfortable or spread out into their own rooms when family time is over. According to VRBO, an average vac...

It's a story of opportunity. Whether you're a homeowner, a property manager, a traveler or all of the above, you have the ability to participate in and influence a market that is growing right beneath our feet. Yes, it's a little bit wild west at the moment. And while there are certainly risks, the rewards are at least equally as promising.


At Safely, we're working to mitigate those risks and amplify the rewards -- for everyone. 

The vacation home rental market is booming, and with it, the liability to homeowners renting their properties to short term renters. People are learning the hard way that primary home insurance and services like AirBNB’s Host Guarantee aren’t sufficient to cover them when things go wrong.

Safely’s custom insurance product, designed specifically for this segment of the market is the kind of insurance you need when you rent your home as a vacation rental.

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about why having the proper insurance is so critical.

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