Home Certification

Let Safely verify your home and earn the right to price accordingly.

Safely will work with you to create independent verifications that the home for rent is as described. Once your home is Safely certified, you can ask for and expect guests to pay for the quality experience you provide. 

The process is simple. One of our verification reps will visit and validate the property. After certification, your home will carry the Safely stamp of approval, communicating at a glance that yours is a preferred and verified rental.

Vacation Rental Insurance

The advantage of data-powered pricing.

Because we have the industry’s most comprehensive data on guest trustworthiness, we are able to insure your reservations with up to $1 million in damage and liability protection, priced on a per-night basis. Your homeowners and the guests are all covered and as a named, insured party your property management company is safe, too. 

The best insurance products and safety program are powered by the Safely technology platform. 


Guest Verification

Give hosts the certainty they need to rent their homes and get the
confidence you need to accept instant reservations

First things first, we check guests against our Vacation Record, a worldwide database of rental guest history (collected from over 1 million vacation nights) that captures things like house rule violations, disputed payments and property damage. 

In addition, we verify guest identity and check each against 200+ global fraud and crime databases (including money laundering, Interpol and terrorist lists), sex offender lists, and felony records in the United States. 


Verification services are available worldwide.

Technology Platform

Our API is ready to connect to any property management system

or partner website and all our processes are available via an

intuitive portal for call centers to access.

We have the ability to track and modify all reservations on a single-view dashboard. And our insurance claim submission process is a simple, five-field form. 

As an enhancement to our technology, Safely offers our patented insurance concierge service to help walk you through the claims process. 

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