Our technology was developed with three big ideas in mind:

Robust, Secure and Future-proof.

Our API is ready to connect to any property management system or partner website and automates Safely services so partners can send reservations, enter guest information for verification, purchase insurance policies, and more. 

API Integrations

Developed using NodeJS, with MySQL running in the back end, the entire system is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This robust suite of cloud-computing tools means we can provide a high degree of availability and scalable solutions for our partners and customers. It also means that as technology evolves, so will the services we’re able to offer.


Straightforward access. Since our APIs are RESTful and JSON based, they can be accessed using standard HTTPS protocol and we provide detailed descriptions (including input/output).

Data Security

Our entire system is designed with security at its core and at every step in the implementation process. 

All data is secured while stored (at rest) and in transmission. At rest, all of our data is encrypted with the highest security standard and our API's are accessed with secured HTTP (HTTPS) where all data is again encrypted.


Additionally, our system is designed with a non-public facing concept. This means none of our servers, including web servers, are exposed to the Internet. We handle all traffic with Load Balancer and Autoscaling, and our servers are privately networked. 


For the purposes of disaster recovery, we deploy the system across different locations.

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